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Choosing Subwoofer Cables

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Welcome to our Hi-FI cables webpage for Choosing Subwoofer Cables for Passive and Powered Subwoofers (Active Subs). We review and sell top quality subwoofer wiring from suppliers such as Profigold, Ixos, Qed, Techlink, Prosignal, Nordost.


Choosing Subwoofer Cables



Choosing Subwoofer Cables – RCA Plugs


Most subwoofer cables come with RCA connector plugs to connect from your audio amplifier or home cinema receiver to your subwoofer box. There are large selections of braided RCA cables with coloured plugs, widely available, which are good for a general connection to a powered subwoofer speakers (subwoofer with a built in amplifier).


Most subwoofers that are made specifically for a home cinema system or audio visual receiver are of the powered subwoofer type where the subwoofer box has its own amplifier built into the unit. If your subwoofer has a single input then the required cable will generally be a standard RCA connector sub cable which is driven from a line level input (10k Ohm) from your amplifier or audio visual surround sound receiver. Subwoofer installation is basically straightforward but knowing what connections are on the back of the subwoofer box makes life a whole lot easier.


It is worth noting that if you have stereo inputs on the subwoofer box then you can generally connect the amplifier outputs to a single input on the subwoofer with a simple Y splitter or subwoofer cable splitter lead which turns the stereo signal into a single channel mono signal to the sub.



Ixos Subwoofer Cable XHK235-900


- Ixos Subwoofer Cable XHK235-900 -



Passive Subwoofer Cabling


If you have a passive subwoofer (sub not having its own amplification) then you will need to drive the subwoofer from an amplified output on your hi-fi amplifier or surround sound receiver.


A widely used 12-gauge or 16-gauge speaker cable is ideal for connecting your amplifier to a passive subwoofer and their are many top cable suppliers with products that provide superior insulation and shielding for being able to handle the low bass requirement of a subwoofer. It is also good to make sure you install 16-gauge subwoofer speaker cable for long run cable installations as they provide low signal loss and prevent signal degradation when installing a surround sound system, and we recommend getting at least a 15 meter or 25 meter subwoofer cable spool, for the perimeter of a medium to large room and have these cables terminated with high quality 24K Gold Plated banana plugs. You may well need Stereo Cables For Subwoofer installs but more commonly with audio visual equipment they are mono inputs and a single mono subwoofer cable is required.


Subwoofer cables require a higher current draw than mid to high frequency cabling. There is also 75-ohm cable (coax) which again is widely used for cabling and connection to your subwoofer box but these should be terminated with the correct binding post for the subwoofer connection types.



Monster UltSub1000 Subwoofer Cable Design



Which Subwoofer Cable ?


It is now widely accepted that a high price cable, like the Chord Chorus Sub Interconnect, does not equal higher quality and therefore you should not go busting your budget on a very expensive cable which will not give a noticeable sound quality increase.


We recommend mid range subwoofer cables, from suppliers such as Ixos, Profigold, Prosignal, QED and all of which will treat your budget carefully and not cause your bank manager to have a heart attack. So the main requirements and specifications of a good subwoofer cable are that it has low capacitance and quality construction with good noise level rejection.


Lastly, for those audiophiles amongst you then a diy subwoofer installation is the way to tailor both the subwoofer speakers, the box and the interconnects to your exact requirements and also it is not as complicated as you may think.






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