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Welcome to our Hi-Fi Cables Page for HDMI Splitters, HDMI Expanders, HDMI Boosters, Equalizers

We give you advice on how an HDMI Splitter Works, Signal Strength and Data Loss

also what are the Best HDMI Splitters to Buy ...




So what is a HDMI Splitter, Booster, Expander or Equalizer ?

HDMI Splitters are fairly inexpensive units that allow the splitting of a single HDMI source input to either two , three, four or more HDMI signal outputs. The most common form of HDMI Splitter is one that will allow a single HDMI input and a dual output therefore splitting the signal source into two - thus the name HDMI Splitter. You will also find on more advanced units that they also incorporate additional extra inputs/outputs for switching digital optical and coaxial audio cable connections.


The most common requirements and useage of a splitter unit is a (1:2) box to take a source such as a SKY satellite box and to allow you to split the signal via the splitter box into two outputs and each output could drive a HD LCD TV or other compatible HDMI audio visual device. Another application would be to use the dual output from the splitter to send to a TV and an audio visual receiver or home cinema system.


Another typical application for an HDMI Splitter is to connect the input source of a sky+ satellite, Starsat or Freesat box and the dual output source directly to a TV and a Home Cinema System so that you can watch ordinary TV shows directly through the television and then for movies you can turn on the home cinema receiver to utilise a surround sound system.



4 Port HDMI Splitter


Loss of Quality and signal Degradation when using an HDMI Splitter ?


The general answer to this question is that the digital signal from the original digital input from the master HDMI cable into the HDMI Splitter Box is a pure uncompressed digital signal and the only loss of data quality and signal strength would be via a low quality or inferior HDMI Splitter unit. Nowadays, most manufacturers especially the most well known ones such as Lindy, HDPro, Cypress, QED, Bandridge and Thor all produce HDMI Splitters for around £30- £60 and they will give you 100% signal quality with no loss of picture or sound quality, Lindy also produce a remote control version of their 3 port HDMI Splitter box which is getting rave reviews.



What are HDMI Splitter Quality Ratings.


It is worth mentioning that not every HDMI Splitter performs the same and this is most relevant with various HDMI equipped products linking to different makes of HDMI equipment. You may well find that top rated, 5 star, HDMI Splitters generally perform the best but it is very subjective and the quality differences when comparing HDMI digital sources are indeed very small and in most cases are not noticeable. You may also find that incorporating an HDMI booster, extender or repeater in your HDMI cable runs will help with any signal loss and best picture quality





What are Powered HDMI Splitters ?


Powered HDMI Splitters are generally considered in a home cinema installation when HDMI cable lengths need to exceed 10 feet these will ensure that there is no loss or degradation of signal strength over your cable run. Standard Cat 1 HDMI Cables suggest a cable length of no longer than 5 feet and Cat 2 cables no more than 15 feet. You will also benefit from a Powered HDMI Splitter due to the fact they are generally made from superior components and do in most cases offer a slight quality boost over a standard non-powered simple HDMI Splitter.


So in summary what HDMI Splitter should I buy ?


If you HDMI equipment is of HDMI 1.3 standard protocol, most nowadays should meet 1.3, then it is worth reading some feedback and magazine reviews on the best, newest and latest HDMI Splitters of which What HI-FI are generally a good and reliable review source. Also, because HDMI Splitter do tend to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer then it is worth trying to get the brand equivalent to your current equipment so if you have a Toshiba LCD Television and a SKY+ HD box then look at the best Splitters and reviews based on people with your current manufacturers equipment setups.








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