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You have navigated to the Hi-Fi Cables webpage for Speaker Wiring, Bi-Wiring Loudspeakers, Amplifier Wiring, and Speaker Systems for Home Cinema Systems.

We explain why Speaker Wiring is very important in the final sound quality that is acheivable

by using the correct speaker cables and how to try bi-wiring loudspeakers.


Speaker Wiring, Bi-Wiring Amplifier and Home Cinema Wiring

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Why is Speaker Wiring very important?

If you have invested your hard earnt money in a good high quality audio, hi-fi or home cinema system then you will want to get the most out of it and maximise the potential sound quality available to you through your speaker system and speaker wiring plays a big part of the final sound quality achievable through your system.

Speaker wiring is a crucial component of all top quality audio, hi-fi and home cinema systems and the reason for this is that speaker cables / wiring actually delivers the final sound signal to your output speakers. The speaker cables should prevent the sound signal / source from being distorted or degradated to any audible degree, although a small loss of sound quality is unfortunately inevitable in any speaker wiring installation.




Top Quality Speaker Wiring - QED Speaker Cable


Top Quality Speaker Wiring - QED Speaker Cable


Low quality speaker wiring can cause an audible loss of sound quality and to the human ear will result in the sound being projected in a less musical presentation and thus termed as a 'flat' signal which more often than not lacks a bass presence and the detail of the music can be lost because of the low quality cable components or bad manufacturing techniques. Therefore, if you want a high quality sound output from your expensive audio or home cinema system then investing in a good quality cable is extremely important.

A good quality speaker wire / cable is one which is very capable of managing a reliable high voltage and constant current signal which will result in minimal loss of sound signal and therefore superior audible sound quality. Speaker wiring manufacturers that employ superior quality components (Teflon®), construction and manufacturing techniques (RFI cancelling) will result in meeting 5 star sound quality ratings.

Some of the highly acclaimed and recommended cables come from top quality manufacturers such as QED, Ixos, Prosignal, Acoustic Research, Nordost etc. and these are not necessarily the most expensive.

Bi-wiring Speakers - Benefits to/and simple guide

Speaker wiring installation is a relatively straightfoward process in most situations and bi-wiring speaker systems is no exception to this rule. Biamplification is a technique used to wire a speaker that has inputs for both bass and treble cones to be connected independently to each other and most mid to high end speaker manufacturers employ this functionality "biwiring terminals" on their speaker products.

Bi-wiring is still a speaker wiring subject that confuses many home cinema and hi-fi enthusiasts to this day but is something that is both easy to employ and reap the sound quality benefits with only a small extra investment in speaker cables.

It is recognised by respected audiophiles and audio engineers that the benefits of bi-wiring loudspeakers are that the independent bass and treble signals reduces sound interference and achieves a clearer and increased high fidelity sound signal from an audio amplifier to the output speakers.



Bi-Wiring Speakers - Diagram 1

How To Bi-Wire Speakers - Diagram 1

Bi-Wiring Speakers - Diagram 2

How To Bi-Wire Speakers - Diagram 2


To connect bi-wired speaker systems you will need loudspeakers with 4 posts on the back and then remove the gold plates, supplied with the speaker, that link the bass and treble inputs. You can then use 2 sets of speaker wiring connected usually with gold plated banana plugs and cables are connected in the usual way to the left and right outputs on your audio amplifier. There are many good quality bi-wire amplifier wiring kits available on the market or you can just buy 2 sets of good quality speaker cables.



Nordost Red Dawn Speaker Cable - Biwiring Cable

Nordost Red Dawn Speaker Cable - Biwiring Cable


The difference in "bi-amping" amplifier connection on a bi-wiring speaker setup is that the 2 left channel speaker cables are connected to the 1 left output on the amplifier and the 2 right speaker cables are connected to the 1 right output on your amplifier, this is the recognised way of amplifier wiring for a biwire speaker system. Our recommendation for a good quality bi-wiring cable would be the highly acclaimed QED Silver Anniversary XT whch is their 5 star rated mid range speaker cable.







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